Sunday, 30 April 2017

Day 30 - Last Day of the Challenge #BYBin30

Today is the last day of Blog Your Book in 30 Days 2017. How did you do? If you didn't finish your book, I hope you still managed to get more of it done than you would have done without the challenge to spur you on.

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And if you did finish your story, relish this moment. You've achieved something incredible. Give yourself some time to revel in what you've accompished before you start work on the editing and revising.



We have some winners of prizes for this year's challenge. The winners are listed below.

Winner of "Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly" by Gail Carson  - Melissa Gijsbers

Winner of  the Catwoman Bendable Figure - Bron

Winner of the SURPRISE item - Melissa Gijsbers


  1. My intention was never to write the whole book; I'm happy with the research, the plotting etc

    and awesome :) thank you ... those prizes are cool :)

  2. I got a bit distracted during the month with another project however I did get more done than if the challenge hadn't been here :)


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